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The history of castle Abée goes back to the 13th century when there was a keep. This keep is still part of the castle; it is the lower of the two towers with the high spiky roof. The keep used to be a lot higher in medieval times. The castle was in the 14th century property of the Hemricourt family. It went in the 15th century to the Blehen family. Hendrik van Eynatten inherited it in 1565. The Eynatten family would enlarge the castle during the second part of the 16th century and they stay in the castle until 1758 when the estate went to Count Maximiliaan Hendrik van Horion. For the first time in its history the castle is sold in 1878 to Emile Vierset.
The castle still looks pretty much the same as in the 16th century. Only the connecting building between the big square 16th century add-on and the 13th century keep was added in the 18th century.
I do not know who lives there now but it is private property. There is a road running along the caslte but that is also partly private and three little aggressive dogs are guarding the chateau.