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The area where this castle is built was always a wasteland where only a few small farms were found. It was part of the vast domain of Wijnendale. After the French revolution lots of property that were once in the hands of the church or noblemen was sold. The rich landowner Joseph de Pottere bought a large part of it and started in 1825 with the exploitation of the land. He filled up natural ponds and drew lanes through the forest and moor. Between 1830 and 1841 he ordered a mansion to be built in the neo-gothic style and named it D’ Aerdenhutte. In 1865 there came an end to the Pottere dynasty on this domain and the land was bought by August de Maere. He decided to build a castle in the place of the mansion. The neo-gothic castle and romantic gardens were built between 1869 and 1871. The family de Maere – d’Aertrycke lived in the castle until 1990. Only between 1920 and 1928 the castle was in the hands of the American red cross and the family Lemahieu.
The castle is now a congress center with an outstanding restaurant. There is also a hotel that is constructed in the former stables. The former caretaker house in now an inn where you can have a drink and a bite. The park is property of the province and you can walk freely all over the domain.