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The castle of Agimont towered for centuries above the peaceful village of the same name until a few years ago a fire destroyed the castle completely. What is left now are just a few walls. The domain houses today an adventure park where you can paintball, mountain bike and do other fun stuff.
We have to go back to the year 815 to find the first traces of the stronghold of Agimont. The castle was in the hands of important families like de Looz, de Walvourt-Rochefort, de la Marck and de Stolberg. The old castle is destroyed in 1554 on order of Henri II. Since that day the ruin of the once mighty castle falls in the hands of nature and decays more throughout the centuries. A rich industrial buys the grounds and erects a new castle in 1880. he neglects the ancient remains of which now only one round tower can been seen plus the foundations of two semi circular towers and some wall remains.