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It is most likely that Jean d'Alensberg constructed the original stronghold in the middle of the 15th century. His name shows up in 1467 as a shareholder of the coalmine founded by Arnold de Tzevel. Jean was most probably also a Tzevel who changed his name into the place where he erected his home. Something that was common in those times.
In the 16th century the castle was owned by Jeanne de Tzevel. She married Jean de Dobbelstein and so transferring the estate to her husband's name. The Dobbelstein family would kept the castle until the middle of the 17th century. After that it became property of Alexandre de Straten by marriage. He filled up the moat and built against the donjon a more luxurious living quarter. He left the castle to his nephew Michel Henri de Walhorn Straeten, son of his sister Isabelle de Straeten and Arnold Schuyl de Walhorn. Michel marries in 1681 Anne Michele de Budier Lady of Gemmenich. A year later he dies in castle Carpoel that he also owns. Guillaume G. de Straeten was the last one of that family who lived in the castle. He leaves everything to Pierre Godefroid Ignace de La Saulx. The de La Saulx family sells the domain in 1823 to Charles James Cockeril. His daughter marries Charles Suermont. His son leaves everything in 1921 to his brother Arthur Suermont. He dies a year later and his widow and children sell the castle to notary Gustave Ernst Pietry. After his death he leaves the estate to his grandchild Edith Jos Franc Fél Flore Pirrée. She dies on January 27th 1950 and leaves everything to her husband Robert Thiéron.
The German's confiscated the castle in the second world war. When the US army in 1944 forced the German's to retreat, the Germans tried to blow up the castle. They managed to destroy parts of the castle and damaging the other parts so much that they also had to be torn down. Because all of this the castle actually returned back to its original state from the 15th century, A sturdy keep.
You can view the castle from the public road in Moresnet.