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The ruin of castle Amblève is without doubt one of the most beautiful castle ruins in Belgium. It is located in the woods to the north west of the village Aywaille in the province Liege. The history of the castle goes back to the year 1049 when it was mentioned for the first time. It was in the hands of the Duchy of Limburg in 1252 and in 1285 it was the Duchy of Brabant who owned the castle. The House of Burgundy was also once owner when Phillipe the Bold lived in the castle. Like pretty much every castle in the French part of Belgium it also became property of the notorious La Marck dynasty. Evrad II de la Marck inherited the castle in 1531 and his widow bequeathed it to her niece Isabeau de Hoisteden in 1566. She married in 1570 Francois de Loncin.
The castle was in 1577 occupied by the army of William of Orange. He was organizing the protestant rising of the United Provinces against Spain. In 1578 the Spanish catholic troops besieged and destroyed the castle. It would never be rebuild.
You reach the ruin by an uphill path through the woods. The ruin is not advertised as a tourist side also there are no signs to it so when visiting the ruin you will be most likely be all alone in this enchanting place. The ruin is overgrown, it looks like human hands have not touched it for hundreds of years. It still offers a lot. It is not just a pile of stones, tons of features are still to be admired. A great place to explore.
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