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Currently this old building is better known as Herrenhaus. It is located 200 meters from Vlattenhaus. Amstenraedter is just like Vlattenhaus surrounded by a moat. The only way in the castle is via a stone bridge.
It was Jean d'Eynatten who builts in the second half of the 15th century close to the castle of his brother Pierre d'Eynatten this fortified house. Because the other castle is so close by it is hard to figure out who were the successors in which castle. We know for sure the Joan Nicolas d'Eynatten inherited the castle and he married Marie de Schwartz de Hirtz. Their daughter inherits the castle and marries with Jacques de Reuschenberg. Later on around 1647 the castle is property of Arnold Huyn d'Amstenraedt, Lord of Brusthem.
His daughter is forced to sell the castle after her husband's death because of debts. Count Philippe Guillaume de Hoensbroeck becomes in 1701 owner but the Children of the widow manage to pay of the debts through a loan from Nicolas Moeren and so the castle goes back to the widow. They sell in 1704 the castle to Nicolas Moeren who dies in 1709 and he leaves the castle to his daughter who was married to Jean Gaspard Deltour. He remodeled the castle drastically and gave it its current look. Their son inherits the castle in 1733.
Arnold Römer Lambertz buys the castle in 1788. His daughter who is married to André-Joseph Franssen inherits the castle after her father's death. André-Joseph-Hubert-Robert Franssen becomes owner of the castle in 1903. He dies in 1946. He leaves the castle to his wife Marie Tychon and their children.
You can view the castle from the public road in Eynatten