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The history of this estate goes back to 1240 when there was only a keep that was property of Knight Renier de Sohiet. The keep is however for the first time officially mentioned in 1361 when esquire Pierlot van Adewain takes a mortgage on the building. In 1430 it is propety of the widow of Knight Willem Proost. It becomes property before 1495 of Rodrigo de Lalaign advisor of Margaretha of York who dies in his castle in 1506. The Lalaing linage sells Andoy in 1534 to Jacques Le Thourier. The castle changes hands several times in the next decades. The Citons and the Hanon families at the end of the 17th century. Wespin in 1687, de Ghisenghein in 1736 and the Raymond in 1763. Since the beginning of the 19th century the domain belongs to the Moreau family. The old keep still dominates the front of the castle. A chateau in U form was built around the keep in the 18th century, at the same time there was also a farm added.
The castle is still private property but can be viewed from the public road.