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The family Halloy builds a modest land house in 1627. Jean de Montpellier inherits that house in 1696 and he enlarges the house in the early 18th century. Charles Alexis de Montpellier remodels the house between 1758 and 1770 and he adds several wings to the building. The result is the elegant classical château we see now.The castle is however not the main attraction of this site. The domain is more famous for its beautiful water garden. Charles had travelled a lot throughout Europe and had visited the most famous Italian and French gardens. This inspired him to create in Annevoie his own paradise. The small stream Rouillon flows through the domain and he turned the natural force of the river to good use. Throughout the garden he installed numerous waterspouts, fountains and canals. Lots of statues are reflecting in peaceful water pools. This water banquet together with the beautiful flowerbeds makes of Annevoie a must see if you are in the area.
The castle itself was not open when I was there although according the info I have it can be visited at certain times. Walking through the gardens is however already a great experience.
Take the E411 Brussels – Namen. Exit at Namen and then follow the N92 in the direction of Dinant. After a while you will see signs, which lead you to the castle and gardens.