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Although many people think that the tower of this castle is a keep there are many evidences that contradict this theory. To start with the tower is very vulnerable. It does not have thick walls and would not withstand a siege. Also is the foundation not very deep. There are furthermore no other things that indicates that this was a keep like there are no traces of chimneys, latrines etc. All this point to the fact that this was just a corner tower of this castle.
Anyway the castle and farm do date back to the 12th when it was owned by the Refayt family. They kept the castle until 1647 when it became property of the Du Bois family they enlarged it between 1760 and 1780.
The castle was no longer permanently inhabited since 1830 and completely abandoned since 1865. The castle was damaged during the war and the owners demolished it ever further after the war.
Now a days the ruins are used by an antique dealer. He restores old furniture doors, staircases etc. So it is private property but can always be visit in function of antiques business. You find the castle in the village by the same name.