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The present neo gothic castle stands in the middle of the remains of an ancient fortress. It was the home of some of the most famous families of medieval Henegouwen. For example Isabeau married in the 14th century with Prince Hendrik of Brabant and later, she married Prince Alfons of CastiliŽ. However, it was with her third husband Viscount of Melun that she finally got a male heir. The Melunís became in 1545 the Prince of Epinoy. This family would show up in history many times. For example Princess Christine of Lalaing of Epinoy fought on the battlements with her troops against the army of Alexander Fernese. The descendents of the Epinoy lineage, the Prince of de Ligne took great care of the castle. A large part of the 13th century battlements are still standing. In addition, the 15th century barbican is still standing proud. The keep of Jan of Melun (1432) was incorporated in the current castle. The castle would be a perfect backdrop for any Knight movie or novel. I visited the castle in September 2001. It was a thunderous rainy day during my visit which only added to the ambiance of the place. The guided tour takes you along the ancient battlements to the crypt and ends in the massive castle keep. Here you can visit several rooms. For the brave, there is the possibility to climb all the way to the top of the keep where the view is simply breathtaking. The tour was given in French. To get there you take the E42, take Exit 31 and follow the N404 to the center of Antoing. You canít miss it, as this massive castle dominates the village. The castle is open for visits every Sunday afternoon starting at May 15 th until the last weekend of September. Tours are given at 3, 4 and 5 pm.
(Pictures 1 & 2 are scanned from postcards)