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The Lords of Anvaing were the first time mentioned in the 12th century. In the 13th century it was the Hamaide family that built a first castle. This first stronghold was abandoned in the 15th century. In 1502 Jespart de Ville was Lord Of Anvaing and he lived in a keep surrounded by water. This site was rediscovered in 1976 when the lake surrounding the present castle was cleaned. The last in line of the De Ville family was Adrienne. She married Pierre de Boubais around 1513. Their son, Jacques de Bourbais was the one who erected the castle we still can see now close to the old family home. Maximilien de Tenremonde inherited the castle when he married Antoinette Isabelle de Croix in 1641. Their daughter Marie Catherine marries Jean de Mesgrigny. They both die without any heirs in 1720. So the estate goes ot their nephew Baron of Rouveroit de Pamele and stays in this family until 1781. That year it was sold to Count Augustin dr Lannoy who was the last Lord Of Anvaing. The castle still belongs to the de Lannoy family.
It is private property but can be viewed in all it's glory from the public road.