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Castle Baelen is situated to the east of Henri-Chapelle and to the south west of Welkenraedt. The walls of the castle that is constructed in the 18th century are very thick indicating that it was built around an older building that still existed and that was restored and remodeled thoroughly. Although the castle stayed intact it is now surrounded by modern buildings built by the priests Alexienser for their psychiatric institution. Castle Baelen is situated very close to castle De Ruyff.
This can be explained because in the 15th century Jean Krummel d'Eynaten had his property devided. He had two sons and one daughter. He left the old castle to his son Jean Krummel and gave the new castle to his daughter Agnes. Her son Everard de Belven becomes owner in 1530. He marries Marguerrite de Doenraedt. Everard dies in 1561 and his widow inherent the castle. Later it goes to her son Jean Bertolf. When he passes away in 1631 the domain goes to his oldest son Jean Bertolf de Belven. He was Lord of Baelen and gave the castle its name. Baron de Haultepenne becomes Lord of Baelen in 1690 and in 1722 it is Baron Jean Christophe Bertolf de Belven who inhabits the castle. In 1738 the castle is sold to the industrial Antoine de Pirons. He is the one who remodels the castle in how it still looks today. In 1875 it goes to the priests of Alexienser who start their hospital and who turn the castle in their headquarters.
Like I said in the beginning the castle still looks like in the 18th century but it is surrounded by modern hospital buildings.