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For this castle we have to travel back in time to the beginning of the 17th century. Bailiff Jacob de Bryarde, a descendant of a very important family of the area erects castle Beauvoorde. The castle still looks pretty much the same, as it was build back then. Nobleman Arthur Merghelynck becomes owner of the castle in 1875 when he is 22 years old. He restores the castle like it was in the 17th century. He also is responsible for the English park. He starts to collect a vast collection of furniture and artwork. All of this is kept in the castle and can still be admired now. When you walk through the door it is like going back in time. Time stood still since 1904 when Merghelynck passed away. In 1902 he bequeath the castle and its interior to the Royal Academy for Dutch language and literature. With the assignment to take care of the castle and its collections and to open it to the public. Because of this we are now able to walk through this small but beautiful castle and its rich interiors. The castle is certainly worth a visit. You only can visit the castle with a guided tour. Tours are at certain days and hours so better to inform before visiting. Tel/Fax: +30 5829.92.29. The castle is situated a long road N8 Veurne to Ieper and there are plenty of signs that will lead you to the castle.