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The only thing that remains of this massive castle are the still impressive towers and some wall fragments. The history of this castle goes back to the 13th century. It is first mentioned in 1209. Beauraing was in the middle ages part of the duchy Luxemburg. Its first know lord was Gerard de Beauraing. The castle is destroyed a first time May 22, 1445 when Jehan Herbigny II Bisshop of Luik attacks the stronghold.
The castle of Beauraing was 180 meter long and 80 meter wide. with on each corner a massive round tower with very thick walls. It is in 1552 inherit by Count Karel of Berlaymont. He restores the castle between 1567 and 1571. Partly destroyed by a fire caused by lightning the castle is rebuilt by The Duke of Beaufort Spontin in 1785. He laso replaces the drawbridge with a gate in Louis XIV style that we still can admire now.
Major De le Colle from Givet attacks and destroys the castle with his army of Sans-Culottes at the end of the French revolution in November, 1793. They turn the castle into a ruin and it would stay a ruin until 1855.
The castle becomes property of the Duke of Osuna. He restores the castle against high costs. He hires the French architect Mestral and invests 300 million Francs of that time period and turns the castle into a luxurious dwelling between 1855 and 1857. He modernize it to the standards of those times but keeps also the remaining 16th century towers.
He dies June 2, 1882 without a direct heir. So everything goes to his wife. His immense fortune had disappeared into the restoration of his castle and his wife was left with 30 million Francs. Two years later his wife had spent everything and was forced to sell the furnishings to cover her debt. She marries in 1884 the Duke Croy.
Disaster strikes during the night of December 2, 1889. A fire starts in three different places and a raging fire engulfs the castle. The next morning at 9 am only a ruin is left.
Mister Charneux owns the domain from 1897 until 1912. In 1930 it is bought by mister Lenelle who wants to restore it. In 1946 it is bought by Pro Maria and they change the name into Castel Sainte Marie. The immense domain is now open to the public and you can walk around the still impressive remains of this once amazing castle.
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