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Castle Beusdael is dominated by the immense keep. Rumors are that the keep dates back to the time of Charles the Great (742–814). It is however more plausible that the keep was erected in the 13th century. The walls of this keep are two meter thick. The castle is in good condition although the interior suffered a lot during world war two.
The first Lords of this rural estate appear in the beginning of the 14th century. In 1323 there is a certain Johan Schevart van Oy and in 1334 Herman van Abousdayl (most likely the son of Johan Schevart van Oy) Herman was married to Catherine. Their son Herman van den Beusdal is mentioned in 1367. His daughter Elisabeth de Beusdael is the last one of the Beusdael line. She marries Jean van Eys. Their son Herman van Eys is owner of Beusdael at the end of the 14th century until halfway through the 15th century. He marries Jeanne Tzevel and they get two sons. Throughout marriages the domain goes to the family Colyn. We are in 1606 when Gérard Colyn is Lord of Beusdael. His son Jean Adolphe follows him. He was married to Anne Marie d'Eynatten. In the year 1700 it is Adolphe Georges Francoise Guillaume de Colyn who owns the castle and who marries Countess Antoinette Francoise Amour de Hoensbroeck. They divorce however without an heir in 1748.
Baronnes Marie Adrienne Guillemine de Colyn inherits the castle in 1753. In 1875 it is Count Florent Ferd.J.L. d'Oultremont who owns the castle through inheritance. He is the one who remodels the castle in 1882. He adds a small round tower on the courtyard and he adds the chapel and the bridge with gate building. Counts Florent dies in his castle without an heir. The castle goes to the oldest son of his brother and he sells the castle to Wilhelm Johann Abraham Huyzer in the beginning of 1921. After his young wife died on a holiday he kept her body in a coffin with a glass top in the basement close to the chapel. The coffin would stay there until 1935. Later on he marries Countess Joséphine Léopoldine Ludmille Hubertina de Marchant et d'Ansembourg. They don't stay long in the castle as they have to sell it to the business man Victor Voos to pay their debts. Mister Voos dies in 1949 and leaves the castle to his two sons and daughter. They kept most of the domain but sold the castle to Jean Louis Vanderheyden – Vaessen in 1950. He sold the castle a year later to the organization Colonies Scoleires Catholiques Liégeoises.
Madam and Mister Charles Antoine buy the castle in 1976 and restore the castle. It is sometimes open for visits on special occasions and you always can view the castle from the public road.