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This castle is the first time mentioned in the first half of the 14th century when it was property of Gijsbrecht van Doerne. Nobleman van Cortbeemde buys the castle in 1631 and he enlarge the castle in the state we still can admire it now. He can however not pay off his rent and the castle is sold to Gaspar Antheunis in 1649. The castle is sold again publicly in 1843 when it is bought by Marina Regina Josefa Monica de Gilman de Zevenbergen. Marina never married and when she passes away in the year of our lord 1853 the castle goes to Eduard Jan Lunden. The castle changed hands a couple of more times until it was bought by the city. The city decided in 1979 to restore the castle but this restoration took forever and was only recently completed.
The castle borders on the public road and the park behind the castle is public.
You can find the castle a little bit to the south of the Royal Antwerp soccer fields.