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This massive square castle farm is still partly surrounded by moats. The castle was erected around 1700 and partly restored and remodeled in the 19th century. The history of Bierwart goes back to the year 1200 when the estate was owned by the Count of Namen. He gave the domain to the Atrive family. Clarembaut of Atrive lost the estate to Henri the Blind when he attacked and conquered the castle in the middle of the 12th century
In 1362 it is property of Thierry de Haneffe who leaves it to his daughter Jeanna. She marries to Gerard d'Enghien. Through inheritance the domain goes in 1420 to Hnei de Hun. It would stay in the hands of de Hun family until 1557 when Catherine Hun marries with Henri Eve. Henru gives the castle to his nephew Henri de Lamal in 1560. By inheritance it is Marquis de Strozzi who gets the castle but he is so deep in debt that he is forced to sell the castle farm in 1674. Pontian Harscamp buys the buildings He has four sons but three of them die in the war so the only surviving son Pontain II inherits the domain.
Pontain II leaves it after his death to Marquis de Croix, Franc Waret who gives it to his son in law Count van Bryas. It would stay in that family until 1922. Mister Jadoul Thynes buys that year the estate and sells it the next year to mister Dedyn. His descendents sell the whole domain in 1973 to the current owner Marcel Heny.
The castle is private property but can be viewed from the public road in the little village of Bierwart.