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You can only view a small part of this castle from the public road but it gives you a nice idea how big this castle is. The château is the first time mentioned in 1343 when Sir Gilles Jauche is owner. In 1454 it withstood furious attacks from the army of Dinant. So we can assume that the castle was a during that time an impressive feudal stronghold.
Thierry Brandeburg replaces the old feudal castle that was by that time in ruins with a more luxurious château in 1523. His son would add the park and pool to the estate in 1540. It is documented that Thierry Brandenburg bought the ruined castle for only 99 guilders. As a member of one of the most powerful noble families in the area he reconstructs the castle into what we still can see now. However by the time the Knight Bilquin buys the domain from the Brandenberg family in 1708, the castle had fell in decay again as the fortune of the ones powerful family was gone. The son of Bilquin restores the castle again and turns it into one of the biggest castles in the province. With the help of the architect Francken and the artist Willemaers the castle was restored according the original plans of Thierry Brandenburg.
So the castle is still private property but can be viewed partly from the public road.