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April 15th, 1581, Jan Thielman sold the castle to Jacques Hannibal. However, he is not financially strong enough to restore the castle that was in decay and with a high mortgage. So on December 20th, 1594 the castle is bought by Hendrik Madoets. The castle, so far in decay that the only thing Hendrik can do is demolish the castle. In 1610, he builds the current castle on the same spot. In 1728 the castle goes to the family Titimont and they do some renovations like removing the drawbridge and adding the beautiful gate. Count de Lalaing becomes the new owner at the start of the 19th century but Count Prosper Jean O'Kelly bought it in 1842. At the end of the 19th century the castle is then purchased by Armand Steurs, a famous lawyer of that time. His daughter Marguerite married Henri Dereine, who keeps the castle in pristine condition although it did suffered damage during the war. Currently the castle is a restaurant. You can find the castle in Melsbroek.

(With thanks to the local history organisation Ter Ham for providing this information)