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On the left picture you see the massive 50 meter wide façade of the farm Berlaymont that dates back to 1660.
Behind the farm you will find the castle of Bolland it is not only one of the biggest castles of the area but also one of the most important. The oldest part is the square tower. This keep dates back to the late 13 or early 14th century. The round tower and other parts of te castle were added during the 16th century. Important alterations were done in the 17th century.
During the 13th until the 15th century the families d'Houffalize and Brandenberg owned the castle.
From the 16 until 17th century it were the families d'Eynatten, Berlo and Groesbeek.
During the 17th century until the 19th it was the de Lannoy family.
Lastely it was the Berlaymont family who occupied the castle.
In 1920 the castle was bought by Baron Adhemar de Royer de Dour de Fraula. It is his son Adolphe who lives in the castle now.
It is private property but a glimpse of the beautiful castle can been seen from the public road. The village of Bolland is situated in the land of Hervé to the east of Liege.