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The first feudal castle of Vorselaar was erected at the end of the 13th century. Swamps, to make it difficult for the attackers, surrounded the stronghold. The first known Lord of Vorselaar was Arnolf Van Rotselaar. His son Gerardus van Rotselaar was the first one to change his title into van Vorselaar. The castle stayed in the same family until the beginning of the 16th century. Isabella van Rotselaar was the last van Rotselaar. She married with Michel de Croy, Lord van Chievres and after his early death she remarried with Thomas Schotelmans in 1520. Upon her death, she willed the domain to her nephew Cornelis van Bergen. He died in 1560 and left the castle to his brother in law Jean de Ligne. The castle changed in the following centuries several times of owners. The current owners de Borrekens, who gave their name to the castle, became owners through marriage in 1898. Their descendants are still owners of the property. The castle was remodeled a couple of times and changed from a square walled stronghold into a beautiful fairytale castle. It was Count Filips van de Werve who gave the castle between 1850 and 1860 its current neo-gothic look. You cannot visit the castle but the park is open and you can walk around this impressive building. You find this castle in the village of Vorselaar.