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Godfried the son of the Count of Boulogne and Ide van Ardenne was one of the safe keepers of this enormous stronghold. However he did not stay there very often. He sold the castle in 1069 to Otbert Bishop of Luik to finance the first crusade.
While visiting the fortified Castle of Bouillon you will discover the most ancient and the most interesting stronghold of the Belgium feudalism. Today, its appearance is mostly due to constructions that were done from the XVI century until the Dutch era. The Fortified Castle is made of three parts, which are linked together with bridges.
In the old days The Duke's dwelling overlooked the main courtyard. The room of Godefroid of Bouillon is partially cut in the rock in the XIII century and is covered with an arch in the shape of a crib. There you'll find a scene of mannequins depicting the departure of the first crusade. Once inside the main courtyard, you'll find that a scrap of wall is all what's left of the old medieval keep. Climbing up the Austrian tower (1551) at the end of the guard walk you will enjoy the most magnificent view of the fortifications as well as the one of the town including the twists and turns of the river Semois.