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Beside the ruins of the Count Castle and Creve Coeur you can also find another chateau in this small village. It is stated to the south of the two ruins on the road to Dinant. This building started its life as an abbey of the nuns canon who started building their monastery in 1670. The building is 22 meter long and 12 meter wide. Around 1690 they need to enlarge their abbey and they add a new 37 meter long and 12 meter wide building. During the French revolution the nuns are allowed to stay in their abbey as long as they keep teaching the girls of the area. Something they were doing since the beginning.
The nuns are forced to sell their estate in 1797. It was sold to the industrial Antoine Francois Amand. He owned the forge of Ermeton-sur-Biert and was married with a woman from Bouvignes. Architect Duckers who also designed the royal theater in Liege starts in 1820 with turning the abbey into a luxurious residential chateau. The chapel is removed and the windows are enlarged. He turns the castle in the building we still can see now. The son of Antoine Joseph named Alexander was like his father a real business man. He married the Baroness of Mendieta.
I do not know who owns the castle now but it is still private property but can be viewed from the public road.