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Renier vander Rijt buys on April 2, 1634 castle 't Root Hoffken from Adrian van der Donck and his wife Anna Costers. 't Root Hoffken was an old decayed castle. Not much is know about this old castle. In the sales deed it is mentioned that the castle was at that time 400 years old. The vander Rijt family sells the castle in 1649 to Filip Le Roy Lord of Broechem. Filip demolishes the old castle and erects a new castle on the foundations worthy of his rank. It is since that time that the domain is castle of Broechem and later on Broechemhof. The Le Roy family sells the castle in 1681 to Lodewijk van Colen and his wife Margaretha Hellincx. The castle ends up for public sale in 1786 and it is Jacob Antoon Thomas Jan de Fraula who buys the domain during this auction. The de Fraula family remodels the castle in classical style in 1789. They take down the big central tower that dominated the castle and keep only the round corner tower. The de Fraula family sells the in 1887 to Emiel Paul Maria Alois Moretus de Bouchout. Emiel would stay the biggest part of his life on his castle estate he dies in 1917. His widow sells the castle to Louis Baron Gilles de Pélichy. When he dies his family sells the castle to the Société Métallurgique Hainaut et Sambre. The castle stays empty for years and slowly decay sets in. The Sociéte rents out the castle in 1962 to Paul Gentbrugge-Dekkers. He starts with restoring the castle and moves in. The family Gentbrugge buys the castle in 1978 and they still live there today. So it is private property but especially in the winter you have a good view of the castle on the public road.