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Brumagne was one of the favorite retreats of King Albert 1. He and his wife Queen Elisabeth stayed at the chateau several times between the two world wars. During the night of 21 and 22 November 2001 a short circuit turned the castle into a burning inferno. The family who lived in the castle could luckily escape the flames. The roof was completely destroyed by the fire. Also the room where the King & Queen stayed several times and which was decorated with beautiful stucco that was made by the famous Moretti brothers in 1760 + all the oak wooden wall paneling was lost in the fire. The parts that were not consumed by fire suffered a lot of water damage.
Brumagne is an old fief. There were 11 families who owned the castle until 1773. Some of those families were well know names in the history of this area; Argenteau, Bonam, Eynatten, Salmier of Melroy, Hosden, Marbais of Loverval, Count of Bornhem and Nyelle, Viscount of Dourlens owned the castle throughout the centuries.
Baron Ignatius of Woelmont buys the estate. They would keep the castle until 1920. The former prime minister Edmond Carton de Wiart is the last owner I know about. He lived in Brumagne until 1959.