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The castle of Brunsode can be found in the village of Tilff close to Liege. The history of this place dates back to the 14th century when there was a keep on this location. The first owner in 1314 is Willelmo of Brunshorne. Later on in 1377 it is Wilhelmus of Brunishorne who occupies the keep.
With Gilles de Ruyff or Ruve would appear in 1452 a more important person. He would become the major of Tilff in 1445. John of Seraing would be the last in line from the Gilles of Ruve dynasty to live in the castle. For the first time in two centuries it would be sold on July 2, 1652.
And so appeared Herman of Beringhen on the scene. This person may be the most important one in the history of the castle Brunsode. He is the Grand bailiff of the county of Homes. He marries two times and makes sure his offspring would marry into the most important families of that era.
A medieval keep is of course not the most comfortable home so Herman wants a more comfortable house to live in. He turns the stronghold in the castle we still can admire now.
Herman dies August, 15th, 1671 and is buried in Tilff. So the era of the Beringhen line doesn't last more then eighty years. Because in 1732 the family of Mill moves into the castle for only 39 years they will leave again in 1771.
Marry-Marguerite-Josèphe de Piette inherit the castle and five years later on August 7, 1776 she marries Knight Lambert of Planchar.
In the meanwhile we are in the 19th century and for a brief period the castle is occupied by the family Malherbe. They sell the castle March, 31, 1826 to Alexander Sébastien de Spirlet.
In the beginning of the 20th century the castle goes through some bad times. It is severally damaged during the bombardment of Tilff in WWII and it stays empty for many years. Decay sets in and vandalism is done all over the place. Brunsode is turning slowly into a ruin. The village of Tillf buys the castle in 1972 and renovations start in 1975. These works have to be stopped because of some stupid law and looters and vandals starting to do their job again.
It takes until 1998 for the cellars and ground floor to be restored. The castle lives now after a long history as a community house a peaceful life.