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Brustem is a small village close to Sint Truiden. Lodewijk I, Count of Loon erected in 1170 a octagonal keep and stationed a garrison in the stronghold. He also gave Brustem city rights but because the close by city Sint Truiden it never became an important centrum. When crusader Count Gerard van Loon returned from the holy land he had plans to enlarge the stronghold but he put his plans back away after the war of 1171 against the Bishop of Leige, the Count of Duras and the city Sint Truiden. He gave his castle in loan to the Emperor who in his turn gave Brustem city rights.
By the end of the 12th century the Count of Loon became also the Count of Duras and guardian of Sint Truiden and so Brustem never developed into a real city.
De Keep played again an historical role in 1467 when on October 28 the battle of Brustem took place between the army of Karel de Stoute and the army of Liege.
After that the keep lost importance and it was abandoned. The tower build on a artificial hill started to decay. Only half of the keep remains and the other parts of the stronghold disappeared completely.
You find the keep behind the church and you can walk up to it.