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The imposing castle of Boussu is nestled in the valley of the white water river. It is situated in a beautiful park and is currently property of the Count and Countess of Villermont. In medieval times the castle was property of the Boussu family.
The castle is sold to the Lord John of Marotte who is bailiff of Chatelet. He is the one who gives the castle its current looks in 1625. The domain goes via alliances to the family of Kiévrain. After the French revolution the castle is property of the Licot family of Nismes, who sell it to the Riocour who sells it on their terms in 1896 to the family of Villermont who immediately restore the castle and transform it partially in classical neo style.
You can find the castle Boussu in the middle of the village of Boussu-en-Fagne. You can see it from the public road in all it's glory.