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We have here a very old castle. We can trace the history back to 1328 when a certain Cateline CoudeCeucen lived in the castle. Throughout history the castle came in the hands of many families. The last castle lords that owned the castle was the family de Nieulant de Pettelsberghe. They were owners at the end of the old regime. In the 19th century there was not much left of the castle and it looked more like a farm than a stronghold. Baron Jozef Kervyn became owner of the property after a public sale and he gave architect Karel De Wulfs the assignment to restore the castle around the year 1900. After the restoration there was nothing left of the middle age castle except for the right tower. After World War II the estate became property of the town St.Andries. The town turned the park into a recreation area and the castle into a restaurant, which is how you'll find it still. St. Andries is close to the city Brugge.