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Bouvignes is known for its ruin of Creve Couer that dominates the village on its high rock. There is however hidden to the left of the church behind the luscious green of trees and bushes also the ruin of the Counts castle.
The history of this place goes back to the year 1010 when Count Godefroid erects this stronghold. The castle was 160 meter long and 25 meter wide. Nobody is sure when the original keep was built The square tower is 11 by 11 meter with walls that are 2m50 thick. In the beginning was this keep the only fortification on this strategically hill on the way to Dinant. During August of 1188 the keep is besieged and after 15 days taken and burned down. It is rebuild and even more strengthened. Bouvignes receives in 1213 permission to start building city walls. Works are started and a curtain wall is constructed around the keep. Throughout the next decays more buildings were added and everything got more fortified. It becomes the residence of the Count of Namen. The castle is throughout the centuries many times attacked, damaged and restored. In the 15th century the troops of Liege besiege the castle but the population of Bouvignes defends its village and castle furiously. During this siege the castle was severally damaged. Halls and towers were destroyed, part of the curtain wall collapsed and the entrance bridge was out of used. It took decays to restore all the damage. Slowly the castle loses its military purpose and turns in to a residential, administrative and judicial centre. The military role is taken over by the keep of Creve Couer.
In 1554 the town and castle are destroyed by a siege. Some work is done to the castle but is than deserted.
What is left now are the ruins of this magical historical place. The whole side is fenced off so you can't visit it and not much can been seen from the public road. The remains of the walls and buildings are overgrown but while walking around it takes only a little bit of imagination to imagine how mighty this stronghold once was.
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