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The history of this castle is obscure and shrouded with mystery. It was most probably build during the 13th century. Who build the castle is not known. Throughout history locals were used to the fact that the castle stood empty most of the time. Some say its name comes from the distant past and it's name from the Roman Emperor, Julius Caesar. Others say that the name simply comes from its last owner. Another theory says that the fortress was build by someone called Guéric-le-Sor. There is however no evidence to support any of these theory's. The Lord of Leuze dreamed about conquering Tournai. He had already ransacked and pillaged the region and build strongholds in all surrounding towns, could it have been he who had the castle of Vaulx built?
Whoever built the ruin of this small square stronghold with a round tower on every corner it is today in abominable state. Ivy and other plants are overgrowing large parts of the remains. While high grass and bushes are Lords of the courtyard. This is really scandalous as the ruins could be a charming place to visit as still many architectural features are visible. The two towers who withstand time the best have still vaulted ceilings and cellars are still in a good state. Castle Cesar is another example of a protected monument that is deserted and not taken care of. Hopefully restoration and consolidation works will be done soon or else nothing will be left of this stronghold in a few decades. You can find the ruin in the village of Vaulx. Visits are free.