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Castle Chimay is an ancient stronghold, some parchments as old as the year 1000 mention the impressing keep which watched over White Water Valley. Through the years the medieval bastion will become a fortress. In the XV century the castle was altered. Five new towers were linked by corridors to the keep to set up the defense the little town of Chimay needed so badly. Each time troops went through the area the church and the castle burned. Wars will diminish this castle seven times. Attacked, looted and burned, the Castle of Chimay always rose from its ashes. In 1935, it is a crow that destroy the castle for the eight time! It had made its nest on a beam that cross the fireplace in the hallway. It caused the fire which destroyed all the upper part of the castle, many irreplaceable art works disappeared forever in the blaze.
Although now only one tower still stands the castle still looks impressive. On your visit your guide is the Princess of Chimay born Elisabeth Manset. She tells with great passion about the remarkable events that marked the history of the castle. The tour is given in French or English.
The highlight of the visit is without doubt the beautiful theater that is situated in the castle. If you are in the area of Chimay then visit this little town and the castle that still after all these centuries stand proudly overlooking the town and surroundings.
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