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In the village of Clabecq you can find this abandoned chateau. The building is fenced off and a construction permit is plastered on the fence. So let hope they will soon start restoring the castle and give it a new destination without fucking it up to much.
The castle clabecq was the centre of a fief that was under the banner of Gaasbeek from the 12th until the 15th century. It went to a certain Cotereau who rebuilds the castle in the 16th century. In 1679 the chateau is property of Flodorp. This family transforms the castle during the 18th century into how we still can see it now. Several owners follow the Flodorp family. In 1947 the castle is bought by the nearby factory Forges de Clabecq. They put the Italian immigrants who work in the factory in the castle. This explains the current name of the castle. I have no clue how long these people inhabited the castle and what happened afterwards but the result is a decayed castle. You can view the building from the public road.