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Castle Coloma is a good example of a water castle that was remodeled into a luxurious country house. It is a square building with four towers and a pear shaped roof and protecting ponds surrounds it. But instead of the narrow peepholes we see here big windows and also the other protecting measurements are gone.
The old name of the castle was castle van Leeuw Hecke. This is probably diverted from Leenaert Van den Hecke who was owner of the castle in the 16th century. The castle changes often of owner in the 17th century. Karel Vital Alexander de Coloma marries Baroness Euginie Roose in 1745. She is owner of the castle and it is since her marriage with Karel that the castle gets his current name. He is also the one who remodels the castle drastically. Count Jan van der Dilft de Borghvliet inherits the castle one generation later. The castle stays in that family until the death of Countess Antoinette, widow of Count Albert de Limburg-Stirum. The castle is recently restored and is now the cultural center.
In the park we find one of the most beautiful rose gardens of Europe. These gardens are worth a visit. The entrance is free and you can visit them between May 15th and October 30th. Castle Coloma is close to castle Gaasbeek, you will see the signs when you are on your way to Gaasbeek.