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The history of Colonster goes back to the 9th century when it was owned by the powerful des Prez family. Lord Jean des Prez was owner of the castle in 1334. And in the 15th century it was occupied by Lord Eustache de Chabot who was the major of Liege. In 1524 the estate was bequeathed to Erard, Count de la Marck.
Countess Madeleine de la Marck inherits the castle and she was married to Conrard de Horion. The castle would stay in the possession of the Horion family until 1787. It was the Horion family who restored and remodelled the castle throughout time several times. The last major restoration / alternation was done by Maximilien Henri Hyancinthe, Count of Horion and gave the building it looks of an 18th century country castle until the great fire of 1966.
The castle was sold in 1787 to Baron de Hasselbrouck who left it to Mr. De SÚlys-Longchamp. His daughter left the castle to Adolphe Allard. The last lord of Colonster was Baron P. Van Zuylen who sold it to the university of Liege in 1963.
The castle was devastated by a fire in 1966. It was restored by the architects Henri Lacoste and Jean Opdenberg.
The park around the castle is open for walks and other recreational purposes.