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The massive castle farm of Courriere is a good example of a 17th century fortified farm in this area. It was constructed at the beginning of the 17th century by John Muller. The square building was surrounded by a moat and could be reach by a drawbridge. A small part of the moat is still visible at the back of the edifice. The place was abandoned in 1976 and deterioration started quickly. The federation of Scouts bought the building in 1987 and saved it from becoming a ruin. They started to restore the castle farm with the help of the architects Hertsens & Thomise and the financial support of the Walloon Region. Large parts are restored but some parts still need a lot of work. I visited the place August 2007 and although it is suppose to be a scout place, so you would expect tons of playing children, the place was empty. Also their web site is offline. The castle is situated beside the church can be seen from the public road and you can walk around it.