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The ruins of this old stronghold are very heart warming. Many heroic battles were fought here. From the first rock of Creve Coeur you can see as far as Houx-Poilvache and Dinant, the view is very prestigious.
In the XI century, Godefroy of Namur built on the left bank of the Meuse in Bouvignes a castle that Henri the blind of Luxemburg had surrounded with walls in 1176. At the highest point, which dominated the whole valley, Marie of Artois had a rectangular keep built in the XIV century. On a separate rock, the tower of Creve-Coeur was built in 1320. It was facing the tower of Montorgueil, built on the other side of the river by the Dinantais the enemies of the Bouvignois. The Dinantais were partisans of the Church of Namur and the Bouvignois were partisans of the Church of Liege. In 1554, the French King Henry II, who was then at war with Charles Quint, destroyed Dinant and Bouvignes. The famous legend of the Ladies of Creve-Coeur comes from that time. While the two enemy towns were burning, Creve-Coeur resisted with 300 brave warriors under the orders of Pierre Harroy. In the middle of the battle, 3 officers were killed and their wives took over commandment, pointing the canons encouraging the brave knights who were still defending the castle. When the battle ceased, because they ran out of ammunitions, the three heroines held each other by the hand and jumped from the castle, choosing to die instead of being captured.
Only the foundations of the very heavy tower is left from this incredible place, The ruins are located 26 Km of Namur where the N17 goes to Bouvignes. The visit is free.
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