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The tower of Crupet was primitively built, in the XI or XII century; it was strong square construction supported by three vaults with walls of 1 to 1.70 meter depth. A spiked gate protected the front door; the access was made difficult with a very muddy moat. The top of the tower probably had battlements and a surveying path. This tower was used for refuge to the people when neighborhood lords were looting. It is said that there is a secret underground passage that goes from the top of the village to the watchtower, which was later transformed into a church steeple. In the XVI century Guillaume de Carondelet transformed the tower into a castle farm. A round angle tower with a beautiful oak staircase to go to the upper floors was added to the square tower. The keep got elevated and renovated with a brand new roof as well. The windows get a Renaissance style renovation. Other buildings are built in square to the East of the tower; the tower is surrounded by a moat. The entrance gate had a drawbridge, which still existed in the XVIII century.
As far as I know visiting the keep is only possible in a group but you can view the keep from the road and also the village of Crupet is worth a visit.