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The Lords of Dave played an important role in the County Namen during the medieval times. They already were mentioned in the 11th century. Their castle was located on a hill overlooking the river Maas. When this castle was decayed so much that it was no longer inhabitable they started building a new castle a little further along the banks of the river. The new castle was severely damaged during the siege of Namen by the army of Louis XIV. The castle became property of the Wignacourt's in 1750 later on it was in the hands of the De Montellano family. In 1800 it became through marriage property of Carlos Guttierez de los Rios, Duke of Fernan Nunez. They restored and enlarged the castle during the 19th century. And his decedents still live in the castle.
You have a beautiful view of the castle from the banks of the river Maas.