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Deep burried in the province of Luxembourg you will find the small village of Jamoigne. In this little village you find the impressive castle Faing. The history of this castle goes back to the 12th century. However the current castle is the result of centuries of restoring and remodeling. Although the foundation dates still back to the 12th century. Gilles de Faing replaced the old stronghold in 1629 with a new castle, that was drawn by Franciscus van den Wijngarde in 1661 (drawing on the left). The drawing gives the name of the owner : Philippus Franciscus du Faing, Baron de Jamoigne, Vicomte de Hoye, Seigneur du Faing (and of other places)”, who is Gilles’ son. In 1661, Philippe François du Faing, who was also Lord of Hasselt, got the title of Count of Hasselt from King Philip IV of Spain.
The castle was bought in 1880 by Count de Loën d’Enschedé who demolished the castle and began to rebuild it on top of the ancient foundations. The next owner, M. Louppe de Marbehan, completed the reconstruction. The castle was sold in 1903 to the Sisters of the Charity of Besançon who transformed it into a convalescent home. On 3 September 1976 the commune of Chiny bought the castle and turned it into the city hall after some restorations in neo-gothic style by architect Pierre Vankerkhoven. At the moment it is no longer the city hall. A local old lady told me the castle was up for sale. You can view the castle from all sides from the public road as not much of the park is left.
(with thanks to François-Emmanuel de Wasseige for the updated information on the castle)