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This castle has been since 1015 more or less always the property of the “Counts van Loon”. The castle has a stirred history. It was often besieged and burned down. For example the armies of Napoleon were so nice to destroy the castle. Beside the “van Loon” dynasty there were also other famous noble families who owned this castle. For example, Baron “De Herckenrode” who is a former mayor of Leuven. He was married with Baroness “Jeanne Maria Claire d´Udekem”, the great great-grandaunt of Princess Mathilde. Who is now married to the Belgian crown prince.
Chateau De La Motte is build on seven wells. These wells give constantly clear spring water, which has winter and summer a constant temperature of six-degree Celsius.
You can find the castle in the village Groot Gelmen, close to St Truiden. There is a brasserie and restaurant. I can recommend their warm apple pie :). The castle park is open for visitors. You can make endless walks through the beautiful nature.
(The left picture is scanned from a brochure)