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The castle was around 1855 property of Count Henri-André-Joseph De Pinto who was married to Marie-Louise-Elisabeth de Biolley. One of their daughters Countess Agnes-Marie-Joséphine de Pinto married in 1869 with Louis Simonis who lived in the castle Simonis in Fays-Polleur.
The Duke of York the future king of England and General Haig turned castle Simonis into their headquarters at the end of 1918.
During the second world war General Hodges turned in his turn castle Maison-Bois into his headquarter. General Eisenhower had many meetings with his officers in the castle. He invited by the end of 1944 the English King Georges VI in the castle. It wasn't the first time the king visited the castle. During the first world war when he still was the Duke of York he stayed in castle Simonis and was invited by the family de Pinto to celebrate the new year January 1st 1919. Maison-Bois is private property but can be viewed from the road.