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Baron Henri-Joseph Stier erects a first castle in 1785. A few years later at the start of the French revolution the Baron immigrates with his family to the USA and leaves his estate into the hands of loyal friends. After the revolution the family returns and can finally move into their castle. Henri Joseph Stier dies in 1821 and leaves everything to his daughter Isabelle Stier. She was married to Jan-Michel van Havre and dies only one year after she took possession of the chateau. Everything went to her husband. They had two daughters who married with two members of the della Faille family. Jan Michel invested in 1830 a lot of money in the renovation of his castle and added also the tower gate building. He dies in 1848 and leaves everything to his daughters and the della Faille family. The castle is destroyed in 1871 by a fire and two years later rebuilt. The town of Brasschaat buys in 1949 the domain without the castle and opens it to the public.
So you can walk in the vast domain but the castle is still private property and can't be visited, you can see it however from the park.