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The castle was built in 1860 after the design of architect Trappeniers by order of Carolus César Rayé, a known physician who had specialized in homeopathy. During the 20th century the Chateau became the property of successively the Ribaucourt, the Van Rossem and the Van de Ven family. The Chateau always kept its housing facilities. The latter family had the building restored thoroughly and added a part on the left side. The castle consists in a rectangular construction with four solid squared towers and a fine round spire. The recent restorations were led by architect Couwenberg. The name "Château d'Huyenoven" still figures above the entrance door. Huyenoven refers to an area in Perk around the 'Drietorenhof', also known as 'Oudenhove' (as opposed to 'Nieuwenhove' or the so called 'Laathof'). The current owners use the castle partially as an Art Gallery. I heard recently that the castle is up for sale