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Diepensteyn Castle, rebuilt ('93-'95) on the foundations of the earlier Steenhuffelse castle, communicates the atmosphere of the Middle Ages. The builders made all possible efforts, when they rebuilt on the foundations of the ruins, to make a copy as close as possible to the edifice already there in 1279 (documents go back to that date). Diepensteyn has an eventful past. First owned by the Bouchout family.Then - when the Berthouts were making the region unsafe (Grimberg war 11th and 12th centuries) - the castle changed hands several times. The La Marck" family played an important role; the Van Maldeghems, the Lalaings and other families helped to control the region from Diepensteyn.The castle fell into disrepair in the course of the 19th century but thanks to the PALM brewery and its love of the region, the Castle Diepensteyn became again the most attractive castle in the green land of Steenhuffel.