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Beside the old castle of D'Aische you can also find this castle a few hundred meters to the north of the old castle. The first know owner of this area was Jean de Vaulx in 1513. In 1734 it is Baron Posson who owns the farm and castle. Knight Lambert Philippart marries Philippine de Posson. They put six children on the world. One of them Charles Philippart was mayor of the village and died unmarried in 1860. The sister of Philippine, Josephine marries in 1819 Count Emmanuel Philibert Van Goidtshoven. One of their descendents is Leopold Van Goidtsnoven who marries Countess Van der Burcht. They restore and remodel the like we still can see it now in 1870. Count d'Aspremont Lynden marries in 1907 with the only daughter of Count Leopold Van Goidtsnoven. They add the right wing to the house.
Prince Boudewijn and Prince Albert stay for a while in the castle in 1942.
The domain is now a campin site where there is room for 600 caravans and tents. The castle can be viewed from the public road.