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The castle of the Counts of Rodeon was saved by two businessmen from the area. Unfortunately both gentlemen where not what we would call honest. So one day a few years ago the special forces of the police force stormed the castle and conquered it. We have to be however grateful that both man they, although with criminal money, restored this beautiful castle in all it's glory again.
We go back to 1391 when Bouduin de Hennin is Lord of the castle by the year 1490 the castle is in the possession of the Lannoy. It is the year 1545 and Marie de Hamal is the Lady of the castle. By inheriting the castle goes to Alardine de Herzelles. In the 17th century if is property of the Rodoan family who also owns the nearby castle of Fontaine - l'Evéque. They keep the castle until the French Revolution from then on the castle disappears into obscurity. It seems that the castle was owned by a coalmine who rented it out to the family Havaux.
After the whole story with our two businessmen the castle was confiscated by justice. However I was there in March, 2007 and there was a lot of activity in the castle. Looks like somebody bought it or has at least access to the castle. I have no clue what's the future will bring for this estate. You can view the castle from the public road.