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Nothing is left of the old castle of the village Teuven. In the 16th century it was replaced by a new castle that belonged to the family De Draeck. The seigniory Teuven was most likely a free fief that belonged around 1370 to a certain Mathilion. Later on the castle goes to the family Gronsveld. The estate goes then to their son Goswin de Brempt who marries in 1461 with Cathérine de Mérode. They have a daughter who marries with Jean Krummel d'Eynatten. They in turn get a daughter named Jeanee Krummel d'Eynatten who inherit everything and marries with Gérard de Palant. They put four children on the world and it is the third of these children, Adrienne de Palant who marries Adrien d'Uytenhove who inherit the seigniory Teuven.
In 1597 the d'Uytenhove family sells the castle to Walram Draeck and his children. The castle would stay 180 years in this family. Through marriage and inheritance the castle goes to Baroness Marie Francoice Josephe de Negri. Who marries Baron Charles Alex de Blanchart. They get five children who sell the domain after their parents' death to Victor Haan who sells it again to Walthére Moulan a lawyer in 1851.
Industrial Hubert Duesberg buys the castle in 1947. The family Duesberg sells the castle in 1985 to the Flemish community who turn it in a hotel / restaurant.
So you can eat and stay in this picturesque castle.