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Beside the well known ruin of castle ter Elst we can also find several smaller castles in the town. They were built in the 18th and 19th century by wealthy families as weekend and summer houses. From left to right you can see;

Perwijs: Castle Perwijs was built in 1850 on the foundations of a Spanish fort. The castle is also named Corebijter after a family from Brussels who used the castle many years as a summer house. The castle and domain was bought by the town and the park is public since 1934.

Gevers: Chateau Gevers or Woumendonk was built in 1850. It was 15 years later bought by the industrial Eugene Gevers. The Gevers family would keep the domain for a long time. It is now part of the convent domain Covabe. The castle can be perfectly viewed from the public road and it holds also a museum.

De Locht: This small castle is now in use as the cultural centre of Duffel. The surrounding park is public property. It was built in 1856 by baron Bernard de Fauconval in the typical style of that era. It was purchased in 1966 by the town.