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I do not have much info about the castle itself, but I do have some historical info about the Counts of d’Ursel. We start in 1684 when the court decides to give Count d’Ursel, who owns the village of Hingene where this castle is situated, the title of Lord of Hingene.
We can say that Coenraad Schetz is the forefather of the Counts & Duke’s of d’Ursel. He inherit everything from his nephew Melchior Schertz who bought Hingene from Willem van Nassau. Coenraad I does not only inherit but he also gets in 1617 all the property that his aunt Barbara d’Ursel owns under the condition that he and all his offspring will carry the name d’Ursel and the weapon shield of the family. Coenraad I agrees and becomes owner of everything. Karel IV gives in 1716 the title of Duke to Coenraad III d’Ursel. He is the first Duke in a long row. The third Duke Wolfgang d’Ursel becomes a hero when he chooses the side of his people in the Austrian war. There was a Duke of d’Ursel mayor from Hingene from 1804 to 1920. So this family lived in this castle for a long time. They outside of the castleis recently restored. The castle is no longer property of the family they sold it in 1973 to the village of Hingene. It is currently property of the Province who is taking care of the restoration. You can freely walk in the park around the castle.